The Customer is NOT always right

SelfridgeIt may have been Harry Gordon Selfridge, the prominent British retailer who popularised the slogan, “the customer is always right”. In my view though, Mr Selfridge was not entirely right himself. Whilst everyone in business needs to treat the opinions of customers or clients seriously, they are not always right, I know I have met some of them.
A balance between the rightful service expectations of customers, and potential unreasonable demands needs to be struck. There are some customers who will never be satisfied with what we as business owners do for them, so much so that we need to make a decision as to whether we want to keep the customer or move on.

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I Love Mowing!

IMG_0080I have a secret, I love mowing. Not the kind of mowing that involves the struggling to push the Victa zip-start, but the kind that involves sitting behind the wheel of something like this. Good thing I do, my mower has a little gauge that tells me I have spent 665 hours driving it. My kids MIGHT account for 20 or so of those, my wife has probably clocked up 50, but the rest are all down to me.

Put another way, I have spent nearly half of a working year on that mower, and I have owned it for about ten years. Where we live, the mower is largely parked for most of winter, so you can see it occupies a fair amount of my “leisure” time during the summer months.

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The 3 “F”s of Change

Change“If you are miserable NOW, but not willing to change, you’ve got a problem”

One of the reasons why many people seem to be stuck in their present situation is that they are unable to face change. There is no doubt that in order to improve our circumstances, be it in our business or our personal finances, we need to make changes, and if we are unhappy doing so, we are stuck with what we’ve got.

I believe there are three main reasons why change reluctance exists

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